Towns at Brylee Farms | Eagle Mountain

Brylee Farms

Your Dream Home Awaits

Starting in the $300s
Just off Eagle Mountain Blvd

Call to setup an appointment on the homes we have along with next steps on creating your perfect/eco-friendly home.


Floor Plans

2,657 – 3,021 Sf   |  3 – 5 Beds  |  2.5 – 4 Baths
Many options are available including bedrooms and baths on each floor, all colors and finishes. Contact us for an appointment and let’s create your dream home.

School District: Alpine
Elementary School: Black Ridge
Jr High School: Frontier Jr. High
High School: Westlake High

Third Floor
Second Floor
Main Floor

Timber Renewable Products

Concord Homes introduces Timber Bamboo Renewable forest products with the patented BamCore® Prime Wall System We are constructing the Towns at Brylee Farms with a tested bamboo-based, stud-less wall that is stronger, greener, thermally superior, healthier, safer, quieter, and more quickly installed than any other conventional framing solution available today. We are the first builder to embrace this responsible new technology framing system to Utah. For more info, click here


  • Because the panels in the Wall System are delivered to the job numbered and pre-cut for every door, window, switch and an outlet opening, considerable time can be saved in the construction of the wall. There is little or no job site cutting needed of the Prime Panels. This saves time and reduces waste. more


  • Core Strength – The panelized Prime Wall system eliminates over 80% of wood studs, headers, and posts to reduce thermal bridging and air leakage, which saves operating dollars year after year. more


  • performance tests on two Prime Wall Assemblies (varying only by embodied framing factor with a framing factor of 3.91% and 6.65%) and for comparison a matching 5.5” cavity 2×6 conventional stud wall that would be typically found in California construction (with a framing factor of 28.72%). The tests were conducted at a leading national ISO accredited independent lab using a specially calibrated high-performance hotbox. We tested across both a warm range (50 – 100 degs F) of temperatures and a cold range (0 – 70 degs F) of temperatures. The Prime Wall outperformed in thermal resistance by 80%, while in the cold range the Prime Wall outperformed by 96%. more


  • By eliminating conventional wood framing, the Prime Wall System not only improves the thermal environment of a building, but also improves the acoustic environment by significantly lowering sound transmission through exterior and interior walls. more


  • The Prime Wall System offers a Water Vapor Transmission or permanence rate that is eight times greater than conventional wood products like OSB and plywood. Modern low-rise construction techniques regularly rely on a variety of wraps to keep air and liquid water from penetrating building walls, while at the same time allowing water vapor to breathe out of the wall. The movement of water vapor across a wall surface allows the entire wall and cavity to dry out if it gets wet, thereby preventing mold. more


  • A Fire safe product. In an independent lab test, the Prime Panels outperformed all other untreated wood based framing and siding products, including cedar and redwood. Independent lab testing under ASTM E84 test standard showed the untreated Prime Wall Panels achieve a flame spread rating of only 40, whereas other structural wood products like OSB and T1-11 siding range from 76 to 200.
  • Resistance from small hand guns. Recently the Prime Wall System satisfied the ballistic resistance requirements of National Institute of Justice (NIJ) guidelines. And achieved a Level I protection and can resist the impact of a .38 Special and .22 long rifle with hyper velocity rounds when fired 16′ or more. more


  • Raw material bamboo is only sourced from sustainably harvested suppliers mostly in lesser developed countries. Clear cutting never occurs. In most cases the pre-export processes provide desperately needed jobs to local workers.
  • In our manufacturing processes and in our basic business operations, we strive to be highly sustainable. In our manufacturing processes, we do not use heat, water, steam, or chemicals to prepare, mill and manufacture the bamboo into panels. more

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