Find out how much it would cost to finish your basement.

Pricing Chart: Calculate your estimate by multiplying the square footage of your basement by the price per square foot.

700–800 800–900 900–1,000 1,000–1,100 1,100–1,200 1,200+
Price/sqft* $45 $44 $43 $42 $41 $40

*This pricing is for the base budget including: level 2 carpet and one full bath with level 1 features. Contact Concord Remodels for more details.

EXAMPLE ESTIMATE: If the basement square footage is 1,183, the price per square foot would be $41.00 as it falls into the 1,100–1,200 price range.
Multiplying 1,183 by 41 (1183 x 41), equals an estimate of $48,503.00 to finish this basement.

Academy Mortgage Loan Scenario:
Example Loan Scenario* Loan Amount Interest Rate APR Monthly
$48,503 7.00% 7.120% $323

*Current figures as of 1/27/2023 are provided for illustration & educational purposes only. Rates are subject to change and vary with market conditions and borrower’s credit profile.
Each loan is unique, and the borrower’s terms may vary from those disclosed. This is not a commitment to lend. Additional conditions, qualifications, and restrictions may apply.
Other rates, terms, and products are available however not all products are available in all states or for all amounts. Please contact Academy Mortgage for more information.